The Passing of Edward Herrmann

EdwardHerrmannI just found out that a dear friend passed away today from brain cancer. He was 71.

Ed Herrmann and I worked together in a movie called Portrait of a Stripper, which starred another dear friend, Lesley Ann Warren.

Ed was a dear, sweet man. A wonderful actor. I adored him.

In this blog entry I reminisced with my publicist Bill Murphy about Ed and my experience with him and other actors on the set of Portrait of Stripper:

UP: …Edward Herrmann was fabulous. What an actor. And so was Lesley. She was just fabulous. I watched the movie several times since we’ve been talking about this. And one of the things that shocked me was when we were getting ready we would go into the strip clubs. I’d never been to a strip club. We went into a strip club up on Sunset Boulevard for research. We wanted to know what this world was like for strippers. It was really interesting.

We talked to a couple of the strippers at the club on Sunset Strip. I remember that it was [gasp], you know, kinda scary, actually. That’s one of the things I love about Continue reading

Awaken Your Full Potential On Saturday, November 8th!

Hi Everyone,

If you like meditation you are going to love discovering Osho’s dynamic
meditations and spending a day in the Buddhafield. He called his ashram
a Buddhafield: A Community in which to provoke God.

Many of you are familiar with Osho through his inspiring quotes that are
being shared all over Facebook as well as the Internet.

I’ll be sharing about my journey with Osho as well as Detoxing the body
with Isagenix to facilitate total aliveness. Osho urged us to be as alive and
vibrant in our physical bodies as we are meditative — hence, he coined
the name “Zorba the Buddha.” He wanted us all to be Zorba the Buddhas -
fully alive, aware and loving.

Saturday, November 8th, is about awakening our full potential to celebrate
life and live healthy. Osho Niranjana Meditation Center is 40 miles north of
San Diego. All are welcome. We will include active meditations, some
transformative processes that changed my life completely when I went to
visit Osho in Poona and in Rajneeshpuram as well as enjoying the healthiest
food on the planet.

Come spend a remarkable day with us. If you don’t live nearby but have
friends who do, you are welcome to forward this flyer to them.

See you there!

- Udana

Udana Talks About Her TV and Movie Career, Pt. 4

In this interview (which was conducted late Summer/early Fall, 2014), Bill Murphy (BM) focuses on Udana Power’s (UP) career in commercials (print and television), as well as her appearances on stage. Thank you, Udana, for your time – and for providing all of the photos.

BM: Tell me about General Hospital. What was it like getting that gig? What were your impressions of being in it? What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?

Udana-1980sUP: I loved it because it was a steady job. And I got to be acting for a living. At that time, daytime TV was not as hip as it is now. Even so, that was about the time that some stars were springing out of daytime TV to go further in their careers, to become major careers. We were heading into a strike, and to have a semi-recurring in anything was wonderful. I got to work regularly. I would show up a couple of times a week for General Hospital. I played a character named Fran Woods…and in every script they had her breaking down sobbing. I looked at the scripts and said, “Oh my God! I have to do that every day I’m there!”

BM: [laughs]

UP: [laughs] Jeez, you can’t fake that. I have to prime myself so that I really break down sobbing.

BM: Your character looked like she was constantly emotionally on edge. What was going on at the time? What was that plot about?

GeneralHospitalUP: My husband or my lover, the man I was living with had disappeared, and we figured the Mob had killed him. They found his watch and one of his shoes in the river. And I was like a really nice ’50s housewife who never asked any questions, and I’d never met any of his friends. It was kind of like an alcoholic marriage, the very strange, dysfunctional marriage where I just stayed home and raised the kids. I didn’t know where the money came from, I didn’t know anything about his friends. He was a traveling salesman and did something with restaurant supplies. So all of a sudden he didn’t show up, and then I go to Anna to start investigating it and find out where could he be. Anna says, “Oh my gosh, they found this. Do you recognize this watch?” It was a watch I’d given him for Christmas. So I break down in tears and sob, “Oh my God, he’s dead, he’s dead.” Then they find his shoe. And then somebody’s sending me money, and then they’re starting to cut down sending me money, so there’s all this trauma going on. And I have children to support.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.35.54 PMI actually don’t remember much more of it. What I do remember is having to break down and sob almost every show, because it said in the script, “She breaks down and sobs.” So I was kind of on edge. And you can’t make that stuff up – you have to really go there. It was…I think the word could be “turgid.” [laughs]

I would come in early to prepare, learn all my lines, make sure I knew where to stand and didn’t bump into the furniture. I would record everyone else’s lines on a tape recorder while leaving room for my own lines and go over it again, and again, and again, and again, because that way I could have the cue in my ear – I could hear it, I could feel it, and bounce back with the line. It would start becoming automatic. It wasn’t just reading it on the page and then hoping I’d hit the cue when the actor threw it at me. I didn’t have someone to rehearse my lines with, so I had this little cassette tape recorder… Do you believe it? Today I’d be using my iPhone. I would just put everybody else’s lines on it, with room enough for mine, and stay in character as I practiced. That’s how I learned my lines for daily shows. So when I got on the set with these really emotional scenes, Continue reading

My Appearances On General Hospital

Back in 1988, I guest starred on the long-running TV series General Hospital. The character I played was named Fran Woods. Finola Hughes played Anna Devane.

I didn’t know these episodes were available until a friend e-mailed them to me. I haven’t seen them in years.


Anna and Fran Woods (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 44):

Anna Meets Fran Woods in the Library (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 63):

Anna Asks Fran Woods For Help (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 139):

Anna and Fran Go Snooping (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 165):

Busy, Busy, Busy

Life has been pretty spectacular lately.

I’ve been meeting so many wonderful people during my lectures and guest appearances on radio shows.

A big “THANK YOU!” for all your encouragement and enthusiasm.

Many times, these radio shows come up quickly and I get so busy preparing for them that I don’t remember to update my site to let you know how to find me on the radio, or online. My Publicist has reminded me that’s not cool. So I’ll to do a better job keeping my Speaking Engagements page up to date.

More to come!

She’s the Sheriff

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 8.54.05 AMI’m proud to share one of my favorite scenes with you, one that makes me giggle even watching it today. My part in the duet is to sing “It’s” at the appropriate times. The look of concentration on my face is priceless. My character is trying to remember the timing of her one word.

The next scene is me on the ledge, humming my “It’s” part of the song, contemplating jumping.

These scenes are from an episode of the TV series She’s the Sheriff (starring my friend Suzanne Somers) called “A Friend in High Places.” It originally aired on 22 Oct. 1988.

The Gospel According to Udana

“Stop trying to fix your outside

and start realizing the perfection on your inside.”

What if everything about your life is already perfect?

What if the laws that keep the planets and stars in orbit

are holding you in your perfect place right now?  What a

wonderful way to start a day… to feel planted deep in the

rich soil of perfect abundance and opportunity.  We just

have to start from where we are and bloom where we are


Udana Talks About Her TV and Movie Career, Pt. 3

NOTE: This interview with Udana Power was conducted by publicist Bill Murphy in late Spring, 2013. This is Part 3 (covering the years 1976-1979) of what’s likely to be a 4-5 part series of interviews with Udana about her appearances on TV and in movies. We hope you enjoy it!

Udana-1976Bill Murphy (BM): Let’s start with Hawaii Five-0, 1976. You did this episode (“Tour De Force, Killer Aboard”) just after LaVerne & Shirley. The show was filmed in Hawaii, so they must have flown you out there, right?

Udana Power (UP): Yes.

BM: What was that experience like?

UP: It was the first time I’d been to Hawaii. It was into the unknown. Exciting. Cliff Gorman [who played the bad guy in the episode] was there. I called him as I got in just to connect with him as an actor. But he didn’t want to. I think he thought I was asking for a date. I wasn’t. The episode was really fun. I didn’t get to see much of Jack Lord. I mean, when you’re working on something like that you’re only there doing your scenes and connecting with the director and the people you’re doing the scenes with as well as the full crew. I remember being in the station wagon [in her first scene]. Remember station wagons?

BM: Oh, yeah. [laughs]

UP: They don’t have station wagons any more. And it was a woody [wood paneled sides] station wagon. The sides were metal, painted to look like wood. (laughter) So 70s and 80s. Here’s another thing I noticed, and I noticed this in the episode of Soap: many women had dark hair, and there were no highlights in the hair. It was pre highlights. [Laughs]

BM: [laughs]

UP: I was killed off in the first few scenes. [Laughs]

BM: Yeah. I think you lasted about 10 minutes into the episode.

UP: Yep. But I threw myself into it like it was a leading role. I was interested in making sure that the scenes were good. I felt like I was up to speed. I knew my lines and, as Spencer Tracy advised a young actor, I knew my lines and didn’t bump into the furniture.

BM: Cliff Gorman. What was he like to work with?

UP: Terrific. He was an excellent actor. Very professional. Intense. I really appreciated Continue reading

The Home Based Business Revolution

UdanaBookOne of the things we talked about on Dr. Tony’s show May 16th was my book, The Home Based Business Revolution.

From the introduction:

Many of us who are highly trained and have accomplished a lot in our lives have suddenly found ourselves in financial chaos. The world economy has changed dramatically. As we all search for answers to creating new revenue streams, we are being bombarded with Home Based Business offers from friends, family and strangers. It can be very confusing.

That’s why I’ve written this book—to help you see clearly the profound opportunity in front of you and how to avoid all the mistakes I made when I first learned about this industry and started my own Home Based Business.

I had been an actress and screenwriter all my professional career. I starred on Broadway opposite Katharine Hepburn, had my own series, got way-layed with an illness during my thirties and came back to get great reviews in a one woman show in my forties. I was success- ful artistically, but absolutely illiterate about money. I almost got married twice to fabulous men, but our lifestyles were very different. I had to figure this money thing out for myself. Darn!

I was down to my last 46 cents in the bank, odd-jobbing it from month to month and wondering how long my health could hold out under the stress, when I discovered network marketing. After a few false starts I stumbled into an amazing company that helped me to lose weight and regain my health. I got so passionate about the product and the business that I went on to create a six figure income in just over a year and then doubled that a year later.

I know what it’s like to sit at my desk alone till four in the morning, sobbing while jug- gling credit cards in order to pay the bills. I know what it’s like to go bankrupt. I know what it’s like to work very, very hard and not get paid. And I’ve learned what it’s like to work, get paid a lot and enjoy life. The last one is the best.

That’s what this book is about.

The Home Based Business Revolution was written to help you achieve financial success, just as I did. It will motivate you, educate you, inspire you, and guide you. The only thing it can’t do is take the first step for your. That’s your responsibility.

But I’ll make it as easy as possible:

  • The Home Based Business Revolution is just $10, plus shipping
  • I also offer a special price on four copies — $25, plus shipping
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