What an amazing weekend!!

At the very last minute the Keynote Speaker for the Ageless Living lecture was caught in traffic behind that huge fire on Highway 15 on his way from St. George, Utah to Los Angeles. I got the call at 5:05 p.m….. “You’re on, Ruby!! Show goes on at 7:00.” (Like understudy Ruby Keeler going on for the star.) Yikes! I had planned to spend the evening reviewing the training I would be doing the following day, Saturday… 3 segments: 15 minutes, 40 minutes and 40 minutes — the world premier of The Friendchise and The Law of Blooming. I was lounging behind my computer in my yoga clothes… but not for long. I packed the car with all my lecture stuff and hightailed it to the Westside Pavilion on Pico Blvd at Westwood Blvd. We had a SPECTACULAR time. The room was full… about 50 people. There was no time to be nervous. Steve Velez, the amazing cellist, played his amazing cello that was made in 1831… (talk about ageless). Then they insisted I sing “He’s Boring!” and we were off to a great start.

Ageless Living… life no longer has to be wasted on the young! The Science is here, guys! By the end everyone was so excited that nobody wanted to go home. Even the security guard trying to close the community room at the Westside Pavilion was enjoying himself. The all-day training on Saturday was a big hit. We focused mainly on the power of our thoughts and intention. How the Law of Attraction and quantum physics work. How we can align ourselves with those laws to create lives that we LOVE. (I love all that stuff.) It was a perfect time to share The Law of Blooming. It was also a perfect time to sing my version of the Sammy Davis song, “I Gotta Be Me” which I re-wrote to be: “I Hate To Be Me” — (“Why can’t I be Cher… who is that bitch in my underwear!”

We’ll be doing it again on August 3rd at my dear friend, Lori Hart’s, spa in Westwood. She is one of the leading experts in the world on skin and beauty and focuses on natural, non-surgical face lifts. We will be calling that one: “Ageless Beauty – Inside and Out.” Women need to know that they don’t need botox and fillers and surgery to be absolutely gorgeous… as a matter of fact, frequently those things muffle a woman’s true beauty. We will announce it when we’re up and running. In the meantime… now I finally get to start my Transformational Speaking career that includes SONGS. Ahhhh…. Life as a MUSICAL!! Stay young


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