Udana Talks About Her Present…and Future, Pt. 7

NOTE: In this installment of their seven-part interview series, publicist Bill Murphy (BM) and multi-talented Udana Power (UP), discuss Udana’s life now…and her exciting plans for the future.

12241712_10206971079971278_306436462961486864_nBM: In our previous interviews we talked about your screenwriting, your commercials, your Broadway work, and your TV and movies. That brings us up to the present year, 2015. Tell me what are you doing now and what do you plan to do in the future? What’s next for Udana Power?

UP: Oh, my gosh. That’s a wonderful question because when I began to realize that we stand on everything we have already done that we stand on our past. We stand on our mistakes. We stand on our “approximations,” which is what I call “mistakes” now. There are no mistakes. We stand on the good and the bad and the wonderful things that have happened, and from there move into the next place because life is all about change. It’s all about blooming as. It’s not just random change. I believe that when we are accessing energy from our inner source like all the great religions say, it is blooming us. It’s inside of us. Enlightenment is inside of us. Everything we are looking for is inside of us, and we forget that at every sound, and so that inside of us is just what I call the Law of Blooming.

So right now I am working on a book about that, and I am also working on a book called, the Friendchise. There are two parts to this.

Number 1, it occurred to me, oh, about ten years ago. I saw it in a flash of inspiration. I thought, oh, my gosh, why does the law of attraction not always work? Why doesn’t it work for me all the time? Come on, what is this, God? Tell me. And because you know you plant a sunflower seed, and it’s not going to grow up and be an avocado tree. It’s just going to be a sunflower. It’s not even going to be a daisy. It’s still going to be just a sunflower. I was sprouting things for many years and eating living foods, and I would sprout mung beans and I would look at that little tail that comes out of a sprouting mung bean and go, “Wait a minute. Where does that tail come from?”

MungBeanI asked that question of audiences all the time. They always stop and consider and then someone says, “Uh, uh – inside the bean.” I always look back perplexed and say, “Well, it’s too big to be inside the bean.” And then nobody knows WHAT to say.

[Here’s a video of a mung bean sprouting that I think is fantastic.]

When I asked myself that question and seriously considered it, it made me realize that everything organic and alive and growing is an opening to another dimension. That’s nature. That’s the law of how this physical reality works. We are all blooming. We are access points to another dimension. And the law in that dimension is blooming, just as the law in this dimension is gravity. And so, as I have grown older and contemplated this over the years I have began to see the full pattern of it. I just sat with it for ten years just watching it in my life. I would also forget and get all wrapped around the busy-ness of every day life and then realize, oh, I forgot. Then I would step back in and look inside – through meditation or contemplation – and access my own blooming and realize that I am always accessing the infinite within me. And so are you. And with the energy field that we are holding around us… we are holding our possibilities around us and that energy of blooming – which can also be called Love – is activating that energy into what is appearing in our lives.

The Source within us is where we actually get fed. That’s what loving is about. (Loving is a verb.) So right now I am working on a book about that. I have done a little video to set it all up. It’s important because everyone is talking about the Law of Attraction, and it is frustrating many, many people because they think that their goals are outside of them. The goal is NOT outside of us to go grab and bring home. We are creating the energy system around us all the time that rearranges the molecules around us that shape Life Matter into a Vibrational Signature that attracts the Life Matter into new configurations… and then the goals just appear in front of us. But we forget about that with every flicker of movement on the outside. We think our goals are outside of us, when, in fact, we wear the energy system of our goals around us, like a cloak. A sunflower seed has an energy system programmed into it so that it can only be a sunflower. And a rose can only be a rose. A rose will never be an iris. If we take the water and the earth and germinate the seed and give it sunlight and water, that matrix, that little screen, that energy of blooming comes up through that programming in that seed and turns it into what it becomes.

11949427_10206578349913272_4695571011100886740_nNow, we as human beings we get to choose what we think. We have Free Will. Yes, a lot of us have hard-wired habits. You know, from the time we are born to seven years old we get hard-wired with a lot of information that may or may not be true or beneficial to having a successful life. How many children are taught to love themselves unconditionally? To just think of themselves as a miracle who can create anything they choose? Not many. We are told “No” and that we can’t do things and we take on the beliefs of our parents and now scientists are beginning to understand, through a science called Epigenetics as well as very progressive therapy called Family Constellations, that we also inherit a lot of emotional entanglements from our ancestors. Then we also accrue a lot of habits we learn from other teachers and peers over the years that lead us to believe that we are “just human.”

I believe that we are vast souls who have come into this material plain and the first thing we did was construct an amazing physical body to carry us around in this energy system. I believe that we have an infinite potential for blooming. For transforming into amazing lives. And I call it The Law of Blooming. It’s like we maintain our conscious position at the center of the rose, that’s where the blooming comes from. That’s where the fragrance comes from, and as the rose blooms and grows older, the old petals go back and they start falling off. I believe that we can stay at the center of the blooming part of the rose. Through meditation. Through a conscious choice to become the loving. We are doing something now in our culture that has not been done before. There are men and women who are staying young who now have the – not only the knowledge of what they have acquired over the first 50, 60 even 70 years of their lives, and they still have their body are youthful.

When I was a little kid would look at the guys, the movie stars who were 37 and 47 and they were old. Look at Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart. They were looking mature and OLD. But now, people at 60 and 65 are looking like they are 45. And yet they have had 60 and 65 years of experience.

So basically what I want to talk about is our human potential. What’s available to us if we stay flexible and able to stay creative and excited about life. Youthfulness starts in our brain. It starts in our excitement about being alive. Its starts in our flexibility. It starts in our enthusiasm and our willingness to experiment to be creative and to learn new things. Whereas, the attitudes of an older person are just like oh, well, we always did it like that. Oh, it didn’t work out. Oh, this hurts or that…oh, another day. Oh, it’s raining, this is a bad day. Instead of, “It’s raining!! Let’s go dance in the rain! Let’s splash through puddles. Let’s go have a good time. Let’s go swimming in the rain!”

I am all about creating from where we are. Even so…if our bodies can’t keep up and we get aches and pains, then we are in trouble and our inspiration can’t work easily through a body that is falling apart. And our bodies are faced with two huge challenges that are going to be with us for the rest of our lives.

Number 1 is the lack of nutrition in our food supply because of the kind of farming we have been doing for the past 60 years. All the herbicides, pesticides, fungicides that we have been spraying on all of our crops have been killing off the little microorganisms in the topsoil that used to eat up all the rocks and roots and get absorbed into the plants as minerals and trace minerals. Those aren’t there anymore. So how do we get them into our body? That’s a huge problem for the body, because the body needs 72 minerals and trace minerals every day in order to rebuild the cells correctly to stay healthy. Also, the minerals deliver the vitamins into the cells themselves, so without minerals, then the vitamins don’t get into the cells.

The other big problem is toxins. We are living in toxic soup. We are eating, drinking and rubbing chemicals into our skin that our body doesn’t know what to do with. There are preservatives in just about everything. And it is estimated that 85% of the food we get in a grocery store is genetically modified. We have to make a conscious choice on how to stay healthy keep our bodies revitalized.

There is a third component that affects our lives and that is learning how our minds work. It’s important for us to learn how to start creating new patterns while releasing the old patterns so that we can stay creating what we choose in our lives from the fresh Source from the center of the rose. And here’s the amazing thing… that blooming center of the rose is the blooming center inside of each of us. When we cut ourselves, we wash the cut and put methylate on it…even so, the methylate does not repair the cut – it merely deactivates the infection. What literally cures the cut is the Law of Blooming coming up from within us. Creation itself. It’s automatic. We get to tap into that any time we choose – and yet, we forget that at almost every sound. So, let’s trigger ways to remember that at every sound.

Right now I’m working on two things: a book entitled The Law of Blooming…which is how this all works together and fits into the concept of The Law of Attraction as well as what I call The Friendchise, which is how to put these concepts to work in our physical existence. The Friendchise is about learning how we imagine things, how we create things, how we activate our goals to manifest in our lives. We don’t go out and chase them. We activate the energy around us. The world moves around us like a kaleidoscope all the time. I call it the Field of All Possibilities. If we want wealth, we just start focusing on wealth and eliminating anything that is NOT wealth in our consciousness. If it’s health, we start focusing on health in all parts of our body and, voila, it just shows up. We also have to understand that we have to melt away other programming that distracts us from holding our attention on what we want…such as, “Those dirty filthy rich people,” or “They are just money-grubbers.” Those are things built into the language and the consciousness of our society. Why? Who knows. But they don’t serve us. If we have negative feelings towards wealthy people, then we just don’t want to become one of them. It’s important to reconcile those feelings, because it’s the wealthy people who help the people who need financial help. We can attract whatever we choose to hold in our Vibrational Signature and that is determined about what we think about the most and how we hold it in our bodies. As Nikola Tesla said, if you want to know the secrets of the universe, study vibration and frequency. So I am talking about studying our own vibrational frequency which has to do with physical health as well as mental and financial health. That is what I talk about in The Friendchise, which involves everything in The Law of Blooming. It’s important for us all to understand that great abundance is our birthright. Just look at the lilies of the field… how they bloom in abundance. What happens in the springtime… nature goes crazy blooming amazing flowers and fruits and grasses and trees. God’s creativity is wild and spectacular almost to the absurd. Freeform and juicy. WE CAN EMBODY THAT JUICY-NESS IN OUR LIFE.

And then the Friendchise, what I – that’s a part of this because I feel that I have been very successful – when I finally got to the point after having been sick, I could never really, really – I was sick for ten years up until my mid-40s is when I came back, and at that point it was difficult to get started again. I gravitated toward screenwriting. I was a screenwriter for ten years, and that was phenomenal. I loved it, but I never handled money, so woops. So I stepped back to actually handle money at a time when I didn’t have time to save for retirement…[laughs]…didn’t care.

BM: [Laughs.]

UP: So I discovered the home-based business world, and I have written a book called, The Home-Based Business Revolution. It’s on Amazon. It’s a Kindle book, but I have been very successful there to be able to finance not only get healthy, but to finance a lifestyle that leaves me at a point of where I am in my life to have another 30 years to be creative, so I am – I want to leave breadcrumbs through the forest so this whole concept of the Friendchise is – I know I was working on my home-based business and I was watching people sign up for franchises which you have to borrow money to – and then friends and family and then you buy yourself a job for 80 hours a week, you know, overseeing teenagers making sandwiches or whatever you are doing for your franchise, and those people don’t get into – they don’t get into profit for years. Whereas, if you get the right home-based business, the right network marketing business, not just any of them, but you have some parameters in line, you can go make – you can be in not in profit the first month. You can be making, well, I see people on my company making going – if they really apply themselves like someone would to a franchise, they go make a six-figure residual income within a year, and so I am passionate of showing people the possibility.

11219088_10206935480161305_6223761842672299893_nA lot of people have had not so positive results with network marketing. I failed a number of times before I got into it, but basically I was the franchise – the Friendchise is basically looking at how to create a healthy life, a healthy, abundant and well-lived life. There is four pillars to that. Number 1, it’s your personal self, understanding how your physical world works, how to stay healthy, and how your mind works and how to train it and apply it to create things happen. Number 2, is you have to have a financial engine. Now, in my book getting married or playing the lotto is not a financial engine. A financial engine has to be something that actually pays you, that you can work towards that actually pays you, and as a screenwriter I never knew if I was going to get paid or not and I certainly wasn’t going to get paid enough. You can work at Target and Wendy’s, and that can be – that’s not a really good financial engine. You need a financial engine that a lot of the great financial people from Warren Buffett to Robert Kiyosaki to Donald Trump, and other top financial experts are talking about is having a business, but finding the right network marketing business so you can have residual income so that you can do the third pillar which is your work, whatever your passion. So you can have time to be a – I can have time to write and create. I can have time to sing. I can pay my musicians now.

And then the fourth pillar is to be exchanging what you create or if it’s helping stray animals. You don’t get paid a lot for that, however, if you are getting a check in from your residual business of two or three thousand dollars a week, you know, whew, now you can, and like for entertainers. I am here in Los Angeles. I see musicians and actors, less than three percent of the actors are making a living acting. Screen Actors Guild, that’s a statistic, less than three percent, and here in LA I was talking to a friend who just had come back from Sweden to LA, and she said, oh, Udana, there is not even acting – there is not even – I am sorry. Somebody is doing a blender in the other room and going crazy. There is not even stocking shelves and pouring coffee. I know of one actress I just finished doing a TV commercial for and the woman I was doing it with is spectacular. The whole thing revolves around her. She is gorgeous. She is tall and slender, and she is an actress only made $22,000 last year because there is not that much work, and so my take on it is, guys, put together this so we can do our work and have the free time to do it so the third pillar is do your work. So if you are actors, writers, singers, you guys can be making movies and writing songs, getting them on the internet, building a whole audience on the internet through social media. However, you have to have an income. I mean, there is the old joke about who is the magician without a girlfriend and homeless.

[Both laugh.]

UP: So there is another way to do it, so I am talking about that, but then also you get to take what you do and bring it to the world. There is an energy. We are social beings. We do something with people. It’s about community, and I feel that we are actually changing the world, so that’s what I am working on right now.

12095032_10206826959488356_4212849877911492300_oAnd then I have got some other things that I have been doing like I am working on a one-woman show. We are getting that up and running to do some things and I have got a musical director I have been working on a musical with. We have turned in those songs for an amazing musical, and I can’t talk about it right yet, but it’s built something around iconic in American culture, world culture actually. Everybody knows about it, and a friend of mine asked me to write the songs because he knew I was a songwriter, and playwright, a screenwriter, and so he had written a book and the play and asked me to write the songs and so I joined up with my amazing musical director, Andy Howe, who is just a genius, and we have turned in seven songs for that, and I just got an email this morning saying he is meeting with the producers and the directors on the 17th of this month. So you know all these things take time to happen artistically so in the meantime –

BM: Give us a for example. Are we looking at publication of these two books this year or the one-woman show or the musical?

UP: Yeah. I am halfway – yes, yes, yes, absolutely. I have put a deadline on it or a deadline or a lifeline. I hate deadlines. I think they are – oh, it freaks me out, so yeah. It comes alive, yes. I am halfway through the Friendchise. I am working on that. We are getting some social media up because it all integrates with it, and the Law of Blooming, I am halfway through that, and the one-woman show I am putting it together now. I have got some places – we just – I am working with a woman, an amazing life coach. She is here in DUS. I mean, she is here in Hollywood, and she works with actors and writers and performers and her name is Barbara Deutsch. I am going to have 20 minutes to an hour ready so break it down into little places and then find places to just start performing. So we just decided to do that. I have got a place down in San Diego we are thinking about and so, yeah. That is something I am actually going to do no matter what, and then we will be able – once that is up and running, I am doing a lot of material, rewriting a lot of material that it had that is timeless. I have written a few new songs, but basically we – I have about four solid hours of material, so we are just pulling it out and starting to work with Andy on it, so that should be definitely by the end of the year. I want to do something with it in the fall. So it’s a lot, but you know what it makes me happy. It makes me happy. I got to the point where you know I am making enough money, and that’s great. I want to keep that going and share the wealth on that. Help people understand. I just felt driven. I can’t just go on without people knowing about this because so many people the job age is over. So many people don’t know where to look, and I remember when I was looking and I was completely confused and just desperate, so now I am finishing up those two things, the Friendchise, and the Law of Blooming so I can get that done. Yes, it will be done by the end of the year and then I actually need to be singing because it makes me happy.

Andy and I started – you saw it – when Andy and I started working last year on these songs for – we got high as a kite, so but the thing is you have to pay the light bill. You have to pay. Your computer goes down, you have to buy a new computer, you know, so you can’t – it’s how do you juggle both of them, so we are just adding – that’s what I have been doing this last year.

BM: Here is the question then that a lot of people who have been following your career over the last two or three, four decades or so, they will probably want to know what has been – well, two parts to this question. Do you consider this sort of a second phase of your career, and which has been harder for you – harder is not quite the word – but are you drawing on your talents and skills and creativity from acting and singing to bring it to this part of your career now, and what part of those things are carrying over?

UP: Oh, totally, absolutely, absolutely. I mean, once you learn something like that you can’t unlearn it, and I was born an actress. I had to act. I had to act. That was not a question, and I actually started singing when I was about 17, and I learned how to sing in my 20s. It was my 20s that I learned how to sing, and now it’s second nature. I mean, I just do it. I know how to do it, and I know how to warm up, it’s second nature. It took me five years to learn how to craft a screenplay. I didn’t want to learn how to write, but now I go oh, I kept saying I am going to love it. I am going to fall in love with writing, and that’s what happened. So yeah, I am – now, it’s – and I went to India. I went to find god. I had to find god, and I found god. [Laughs]. Oh, so it’s about the journey and now I feel that this is probably the third act. What’s the first act? I don’t know. The first act is me just needing and wanting to do that and the second act was having that career and then I don’t know I have been going down and then having to come up and resurrect and being going to writing and become all of that, but now all of that I have all of that ingrained the writing, and the singing, and the performing and the creativity as well as the mysticism, the needing to know God, needing to experience.

BM: Did you consider this – well, you call it a third act or – is this a continuation of who you were before? Or is this a different side of you now?

UP: I feel the fulfillment. It is a continuation just like the butterfly is a continuation of the caterpillar. It’s a continuation. This is what is happening, and it’s not –

BM: So what enjoyed about you before they’re going to enjoy about you again now?

UP: Yeah. I hope so. I hope so. [Both laugh.] I hope so. I hope it’s even more because there were urges that I had as a young person that I didn’t know how to fulfill. I had had things that fall into my heads, quotes like I give you nothing unless I give you more of yourself, little things like that. You too can fly, but that cocoon has to go. I was painting lots of things like that. Things were coming into my head, and I didn’t know what to do with them, and I didn’t want to go live in an ashram because I felt that I needed to be here, and I don’t know. Something wondrous is happening, and it’s hard to articulate except that there is more coming, and it’s coming – it seems to be a fulfillment of all of this, and I have a lot of projects that I had not completed for various reasons, you know, scripts and books and stories and things. I have them all here on my bookshelf, and there were things that I had to – a fruition that had to happen. Perhaps maybe it’s that the old caterpillar melts down zero, and that is just mulch inside that cocoon and then that butterfly has to struggle out of the cocoon in order to be able to fly, you know, and that struggle, you know, science – scientists and people have been trying to help their butterflies out of the cocoon and they find that if you help it and cut the cocoon open for it, it will never fly. It needs to struggle to create the strength in its wings to fly. I think that is a metaphor for life. I think it’s metaphor for all of us.

We are all giving birth to our greatness who we really are, and most of the time I don’t think any – we maybe have an inkling that that is possible, but most of the time we have no idea what that is. We are like little chickens who get to peck ourselves out of the egg, and once we get out of the egg, we go oh, my gosh, what is this? So it’s not just giving physical birth into this world. It’s spiritually and emotionally and creatively giving birth to ourselves, and I think there is a timing on that that is not our time. It’s whatever it is, whatever it takes, but I think the whole – people talk about the Age of Aquarius and enlightenment and that whole thing. I think that we are all part of this movement that is happening, and it’s a realization that we always were this vast great beings, but like in the Law of Blooming basically you have to have the roots. You have to have the earth to be there and then you have the seed and then you get roots and then you get a little stem that comes up and then gets the little leaves that come up and then it grows bigger and then you get a stalk or something stronger and more leaves coming out and more and then you get buds, and then those buds start to bloom and then oh my god if you are an orange tree, then they start to smell good. The fragrance comes out and then you get these little hard green things that are – what are they and then they turn orange, and oh, my gosh and then they get ripe and then oh, my gosh, and there is a process and there is a timing to it, and we all have our own timing. So whether you are an orange tree or an avocado tree or a sunflower, you know, who knows.

BM: Are you saying this is your time now?

UP: Yeah. It’s all come to this. It’s all come to this, and to be able to – yeah. It’s all come to this, so all the technical stuff, the acting and writing and the singing and the performing and all of that stuff and then the passion for understanding for how life works and then this fulfillment of about let’s go have fun and also reprogramming and disprogramming or unprogramming or un – I mean, I just discovered in the last few months about how to really – not only that we do have things in our DNA not just our bones and our skin and our talents that we inherit from our ancestors but we also inherit a lot of unresolved emotional stuff. I have not only discovered that but I have discovered ways to re – to undo that and just to go pop, and then you are out of it and resolve issues that have been unresolved for many generations. I know that sounds odd, but it’s this whole science called, epigenetics. They are discovering that there is an energy field around the cells that is active and they are just starting it now. There is a name of a book. Let me find out what it is. I keep forgetting the name of this, because I am so involved in other stuff, but there is a name of this – morphogenetic field. That is what they are calling it in science, the morphogenetic field. Let me see, by Sheldrake – Rupert Sheldrake has been talking about, a morphic resonance, morphogenetic field. So anyway, that’s the science about it, so, you know, at some point we become who we really, and we get to let go of the past and become who we are, so that’s what I am doing. So I want to finish the Friendchise because I have to finish things that I start. I know it’s been a long time, but I have to finish that, get it out there so I can be speaking. Also, just purely practical, it’s my financial engine. That’s what makes the whole thing work. Me helping other people do this is what feeds me. I have ended up, landed in a place that is pretty wonderful in terms of the synergism of the way it’s all working so the more I give the more I get back, and that I am here to help people as much as I can show them how to actualize their full potential and in the meantime what I get to do is actualize my full potential. So that’s the financial engine. That’s the underpinnings of it all, and it makes me happy. That means I don’t have to work at a job job. But the other part of it is for me to be writing and finishing all these projects we have actually been talking about for a long time.

BM: Awesome.

UP: I feel that I have – I figure I have another 30 years, Bill.

BM: Well, let’s hope so at least.

UP: I think so. That’s what they are talking about with the science of telomeres and anti-aging, age reversal and all of that stuff that is going on. I mean, I am hip to the science on that right now and working with one of the – literally the top scientist in the world about telomeres and telomerase and that stuff – the science of where we are right now in terms of anti-aging, age reversal. Harvard Medical Center has actually reversed the aging in mammals now using the science. It’s pretty astonishing, so that means if I can be of the age I am right now and look and feel 20 years younger or even 25 years younger or as Dr. Andrews would say, think 25 years old, so I don’t know about that, but anyway, if I can do that and then just settle in. You know, you have to have your health, and you have to have money coming in financial income to be – to live a full life.

So the underpinnings is I have to have the underpinnings there but now – and it took me a while to kind of sort through that and have it come together, but that’s where I am, so it’s all about creating. So I will get those books out this year, and there is some things I want to do besides – I went to visit Osho which was a turning point in my life. He was known then as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I actually journaled the whole thing, and I think we have talked about that, and I want to rework it in context of where we are now, what that did for me as a young woman in Hollywood of a certain age trying to have a career and what in the world would have a young woman want to go to India to find god, you know, with an enlightened master. What happened there? I mean, it’s kind of like what Reese Witherspoon did that movie called Wild, how that woman went on a trek to change her life, so that – so I want to just make sure that it says what I want it to say, and then just start creating. That’s it. Hopefully people will like it, but if I just – my intent is to leave a body of work.

BM: Awesome.

UP: And then fly off to wherever we go.

BM: [Both laugh.] Well, that was amazing. It was exceptionally well spoken…and pretty exciting.

NOTE: Special thanks to Saij for transcribing this interview.

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