The Law of Blooming – NEW SITE!


I’m pleased and proud to share with you another adventure I’m on. I call it The Law of Blooming, and you can be part of it by visiting my new web site.

From the home page:

I feel like I’ve been dancing down the Yellow Brick Road all my life and finally arrived at my destination… and I’m right where I started from – but different. Much different. And the strange thing is (laughable, actually) that I always was who I am but it took a while to become.

This is a website about the nature of life. It’s all blooming. Including you. Including me.  Including your dog and your cat and the tree outside your window. Everything that is alive and organic is an access point to another dimension that is propelling itself through us as inevitably as flowers appear in the springtime.

There’s lots more to come. So please visit my new site often!

We’ll bloom together.

Oh, by the way, my new site doesn’t mean this one will go away. Nope. That’s just going to be another side of me that will bless you (and me, too) as I share with you insights and suggestions about how you can tap into this infinite power to grow…and to love.

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