Old Friends

This first photo is of Lesley Ann Warren and me in the show “Gone With The Wind” at the Music Center in Los Angeles. 14570711_10209823459718989_1343490602080180930_o

She was Scarlett and I was Miss Melanie. We became best girlfriends while sitting in the wagon on stage while Director Joe Layton was directing the burning of Atlanta around us.

Every year after that we had a photo taken of us together…

…year after year….


…after year…


until the last several years when our lives have led us in so many different directions that we haven’t seen each other until we met over the weekend at the Hotel Del Coronado.

14633643_10209823496679913_3360688616954291096_oIt was as though no time had passed. It’s like the lyrics from the Steven Sondheim song, “Old Friend” – “New friends pour through the revolving door, maybe there’s one that’s more, some of them worth something too… but us, Old Friend, what’s to discuss Old Friend? Here’s to us. Who’s like us? Damn few!”

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