“Late For the Date”

Discovered this short (10-minute) movie in my archives not long ago and decided to share it with you.

It’s called “Late For the Date.”

I wrote it in 1988. It was directed by John Callas. It features Yours Truly as an increasingly agitated gal getting ready for an important date…and the guy is late arriving.

Sure, it’s a little silly. And it’s a teensy bit R-rated. But it was a lot of fun to do, and I’m proud of it to this day.

Hope you enjoy it.

My Appearances On General Hospital

Back in 1988, I guest starred on the long-running TV series General Hospital. The character I played was named Fran Woods. Finola Hughes played Anna Devane.

I didn’t know these episodes were available until a friend e-mailed them to me. I haven’t seen them in years.


Anna and Fran Woods (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 44):

Anna Meets Fran Woods in the Library (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 63):

Anna Asks Fran Woods For Help (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 139):

Anna and Fran Go Snooping (1988 Duke and the Mob pt. 165):