Awaken Your Full Potential On Saturday, November 8th!

Hi Everyone,

If you like meditation you are going to love discovering Osho’s dynamic
meditations and spending a day in the Buddhafield. He called his ashram
a Buddhafield: A Community in which to provoke God.

Many of you are familiar with Osho through his inspiring quotes that are
being shared all over Facebook as well as the Internet.

I’ll be sharing about my journey with Osho as well as Detoxing the body
with Isagenix to facilitate total aliveness. Osho urged us to be as alive and
vibrant in our physical bodies as we are meditative — hence, he coined
the name “Zorba the Buddha.” He wanted us all to be Zorba the Buddhas –
fully alive, aware and loving.

Saturday, November 8th, is about awakening our full potential to celebrate
life and live healthy. Osho Niranjana Meditation Center is 40 miles north of
San Diego. All are welcome. We will include active meditations, some
transformative processes that changed my life completely when I went to
visit Osho in Poona and in Rajneeshpuram as well as enjoying the healthiest
food on the planet.

Come spend a remarkable day with us. If you don’t live nearby but have
friends who do, you are welcome to forward this flyer to them.

See you there!

– Udana